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Through Jerry Wills, Peru

The following is from our good friends Jerry and Kathy Wills who now live in Peru. They run fascinating tours to this area, generally in areas that have never been explored before, so most tours are exciting to say the least. They have "contacts" who use the "doors to the universe" and some of these contacts are the Pleiadians who apparently have various bases in the area. The following are several messages from them and following these are observations by Jerry. This information is STARTLING to say the least!

The First Message:

We have come to tell you of eminent changes about to occur and the time in your near future which shall be terrible for some and mighty for others. As this time draws closer, you must prepare. Many who have heard the distant thunder mistakenly thought the storm would pass without incident. Understand, if this is the view you hold you are mistaken. No one is beyond the influence of these dramatic events.

You must begin to prepare. The longer you wait, the less likely you will be in a position to help with the desired outcome. Your personal safety is at risk, as is the collective safety of those who are attempting to establish the next evolutionary phase on this world. Through your trusted sources and our messengers you are given guidance. Many depend on your clarity. Time is too near for mistakes to be made, or a lack of clarity to prevail. It is essential to seek a point of balance between yourselves, the Creator and the universe. Understand what it means to view yourselves and events with consciousness instead of intellect. Bring this practice into your lives.

Events are to occur that shall re- arrange the Earth. How you participate in this evolution depends on your degree of awareness, your ability to trust each other and to what degree you are willing to trust yourselves. The events are emanate. We no longer speak of these events in tens of years, but instead in tens of months. Understand, ours is a position of non-interference. However, many of you are our children, placed upon this world to assist these times being entered. You are slowly awakening to this - there are many who have already started to live within this understanding. Should you desire our help, call out to us with the clear heart and mind of your being. We are near and hear you.

For those native to Earth we have anticipated your needs and the needs of this world. A group within "The Society" have volunteered to live here with you. Having been implanted or actually brought here as infants, through their lifetime here, they were taught by masters to assist you during these times. Now as adults living scattered across the Earth, they are prepared to help you fully integrate the experience this unfolding age brings. They represent the finest members our society could share. These individuals have come at a great personal cost. Having left the comfort of their world to remain here for an unknown duration. This participation is not thought of by us - or them - as a sacrifice, but instead as an opportunity to be of service. Another step in their and our evolution. For us to be of service is our connection to The Creator. We gratefully acknowledge this opportunity to share this element of ourselves with you.

By now you must know you are within the foretold age of great changes. There is a way to slow or otherwise negate the events ahead. To prepare you, we feel you must now be told the truth of your existence you have been denied access to until now. This is the understanding of who you truly are. Those who would keep you in their control have struggled for centuries to keep the truth hidden.

We want you to know you are not just evolving entities living out your lives upon this beautiful world. You are much more. When our Creator brought about all things, there was later a need for the Creator to express and experience Itself through a concept of ever increasing diversity. Your soul and the essence of the Creator are directly linked. Once you fully understand this, it is easy to understand how you and the essence of the Creator are the same. There is a problem, however. The problem is, you have not been allowed to know or experience this.

For those who suspected this as a possibility, it was necessary to curb your insights through domination over your creativity. As a method of maintaining control, you were told that it was against God to equate yourselves to the Creator. You were taught from an early age to never investigate this potential, instructed to keep your imagination within the limits of tangible understanding. Out of ignorance, manipulation and/or fear, you settled on a position beneath the one your Creator originally intended.

The creators of human never intended you to gain this insightfulness. This would be a severe problem for them to manage. Those who created human have never released their connection or control.

We believe it is time for you to join a collective of beings who occupy the diverse worlds represented. Unimpeded by the control of the manipulating gods who have successfully managed Earth and its inhabitants for hundreds of thousands of years.

The Second Message:

You are part of the process of creation, a physical manifestation of the creative forces of the universe. It is important you continue to develop those skills necessary to fully exercise this concept. As this concept is understood through practice, your abilities to help govern the ways of nature become evident. As your skills improve you discover these abilities are much greater when gathered together - focused toward a common goal. We encourage you to experience, learn and grow as individuals and collectively, experiencing the differences. It is through this process you return to an understanding of your potential. Once developed, you become creators manifest upon Earth. We are certain this is your destiny if you choose it.

The Third Message:

Many of you have known for some time Earth is being visited. There are many distortions and variations about what is being represented. As you have suspected, there are several others coming here. Although we intimately know the reasons for their presence, we can only address ours. We are representatives from a society which involves several associated star systems inhabited by beings similar to yourselves. We are occasionally accompanied by other members of "The Society" who exist transdimensionally. We are interested in your progress, while they are simply curious and study your advancement. Collectively, we have come to aid your personal evolution, if you accept our help.

We know, as do you, Earth is ready to change. Many have come to assist with this potential evolution towards a more complete understanding of your existence. However, there are those who do not share our views. Their goal has always been to keep you dependant as they manipulate confusion and fear. Moving beyond fear towards awareness is part of a dynamic process involved with evolution. Their influence provides an opportunity to witness contrasts. Understanding this and being able to objectively observe this is useful as a catalyst for expanded growth. As you practice understanding from a point of awareness, experiencing inner truth, you gain abilities necessary for protecting yourselves and Earth. As your consciousness matures, so does your awareness.

We want to tell you about ourselves. To understand us may help you understand why we are here. We represent a society of cooperating worlds, who mostly live on a worlds similar to Earth. We have had our difficult times and times of joy and peace. Our people have conquered hunger, war and the need for personal gain. This has left us free to develop our science, philosophy and society. Our spiritual quest has been like your own over the duration of our existence. It should be evident all living things seek a communion with their version of God.

We can tell you there is no easy way to peace and the results of perusing a more concious way of living. It takes a constant desire to look for alternatives to conflict - and there is conflict, even on the most advanced worlds. We've learned to maintain a willingness to understand other views. To fully incorporate these virtues has taken a long time, as it may you. We never completely understood what our benefit would be from the effort when we started. We only knew it was necessary for our continued evolution and existence. On our world we have a term meaning virtues. In your terms there are concepts we collectively decided to live by called "The Living Way". Our first virtue was, we could no longer settle our disputes violently. This is the first virtue. Over time, other virtues were incorporated. We now live by many concepts accepted by all members of the Society.

As a result of our efforts we have encountered others like ourselves. Like us - and like yourselves - they struggled to become more advanced in the areas we have mentioned. Once we achieved a degree of success, we were free to join them as we continued our search for knowledge. This search has never concluded.

Our early years were filled with dissent and struggle. While your world was first being inhabited, ours was part of a great empire. Earth was a remote but rich outpost being used by this empire. For over 200,000 years the empire controlled and used the Earth as a source for minerals and food supplies. Our world was used as a repository of knowledge acquired from conquered worlds. All information was recorded and stored for the greater benefit of the ruling class. We were as your planet has been, dominated by this race.

297,000 years ago - measured by your standards - there began a great struggle between the empire and worlds not wishing to continue their affiliation. The result was similar to movies you've seen such as Star Wars. A conflict between worlds started. This conflict lasted a long time.

Our world, inhabitated by scientists and scholars, attempted to remain neutral. We quickly discovered there was no neutral ground in this conflict. Because we maintained the knowlege of conquered worlds, all factions sought to control us. Fortunately, no battles or violent conflict visited our world. Our greatest loss was the connection to the other worlds once the battles subsided. Many worlds were left to develop on their own without the aid the empire supplied. Many of these worlds declined towards a more primitive existence. Earth was one of these worlds.

For many years we waited. Information never came to inform us the empire had fallen. Its greatest fighters vanquished by spiritual warriors. We opened the vaults of our storehouse of acquired knowledge. The wisdom and information of a thousand worlds were available to us. We sought to reunite the lost worlds of mankind. Our scientists started experimenting again. We knew we must return to the stars.

It was during a scientific experiment we discovered a method of travel allowing us to once again return to the vastness of space. Through this discovery we once again left our shores and ventured outward, unsure of what we might find of the remainder of the empire or other inhabited worlds.

We discovered the empire was so diminished from the tolls of war there was little strength remaining. The home world the empire had developed from was in poor condition. No developed cities, no technology - only burned and destroyed remains. Those who lived there had no way to return to their once impressive stature.

Your race, like ours, is connected in a very complicated way. It is because of us - and the root race - you exist. You were created from this race almost 300,000 years ago. It was never understood then what you might become. You were only to be workers - created slaves of the empire. Now, we have a better idea about the intentions of the empire. We know you were considered expendable. We want to help you become what they never intended - free. To do this we offer our guidance from a distance. Because of other exchanges between worlds, we know the potential harm when the gift of your truth and freedom is given, but not the experience of acquiring this on your own.

There remains an element of this empire. Remnants of a once powerful organization. Believing they have a right because of having created you, they continue to manipulate your world, use your people and placed false knowledge. Many live under illusions they generated specifically for purposes of maintaining control.

Many people inhabit Earth. For the most part they have no idea about the truth of their life or of any life found on Earth. We cannot change this, nor do we want to. Our interest is to help with information. In this way only, we allow you to uncover the mysteries of your existence. Eventually decisions will be made affecting everyone living here. At that time Earths inhabitants shall have decided their direction.

Should the decision be made to join your family amidst the stars, we shall welcome you. If you decide differently we can only watch... We cannot interfere directly.

Our home is within a region of the sky you recognize as the Pleiades. We have been called Pleiadian, although we do not call ourselves this. Our existence is physical. We can easily move through matter as well as exist solidly upon our world - or yours. It is because of a difference in technology we can achieve this. The result of technology used to travel to and across this world, we might appear semi-solid or surrounded by light one moment, only to seemingly disappear a moment later. We are not the only ones who use this technology.

Once we venture from our craft we could be seen resembling blue or amber spheres of light. Although dramatic if not understood, it is only effects of the technology involved. This does not represent any aspect of our spirituality. The effect is caused by adapted technology used to operate our vehicle. Using this, we travel safely and usually remain undetected. The effect surrounding the vehicle also aids in separation from spiritual distortions of planets we visit. Freeing us of any infringement others might attempt.

The glowing effect is the result of displacement from local time and space. We otherwise exist with you when not surrounded by these fields of energy. We want you to understand this phenomena as the result of a developed scientific method. We don't want you to be alarmed should you witness our appearance.

Because this technology provides a method for us to time travel you might think we represent an aspect of your future. While this is a possibility, it is not the actual situation. Time travel is not as you have imagined.

We realize providing this information could create some confusion. This is not our intent. We hope to illustrate we have discovered the principles necessary to transcend the boundaries isolating time and distance. We are not allowed to share our scientific knowledge with you yet. The methods used incorrectly would impact the future development of this and other worlds. Furthermore, you have not achieved a level of peace and understanding necessary to venture beyond Earth. Perhaps in the near future this development might occur and the gifts can be given. For now, we are not permitted to relate the principles necessary for a comprehensive understanding of this technology.

My (Jerry W) personal note to you about "The Predictions"

I never wanted to become involved with offering predictions. Whether they are accurate or otherwise, this offering of a look into the future causes some people to completely direct their lives in ways relying on possibility. I feel this takes away from the natural processes that would otherwise come into play. All the "what if's..." come to mind. I feel offering predictions is possibly a method we can use to look into our innermost and possibly dark desire for disaster or dramatic change. Excitement for otherwise mundane lives. Perhaps this is not a fair assessment, but I can only draw from my experiences to date. It seems everyone I know in the "New Age" community is waiting for cataclysmic change. Perhaps this is and has always been human nature. Perhaps it is a trademark of what our world has become. A cauldron of unrest, full of unhappy, striving individuals. Is there indeed another side to this? What if we already know within ourselves earth changes are ahead. What if some of us have a knowing our lives here on this blue marble will include witnessing cataclysms and other crises. What do we do? Can we prepare a safe place for ourselves, our friends and family? Is there any place safe?

I have never wanted to offer predictions because I could never answer these questions with any certainty. I (intuitively?) knew I would be asked. So it is with great apprehension I deliver these prophesies to you . I told the ET's who supplied this information I wouldn’t cooperate so far as to release this document. They insisted and as you can see the predictions are here for you to read. I trust their judgment and yours. I hope you digest this information carefully. PS... So far several parts of the predictions have come true since the original delivery at 1 pm on January 1, 1995...

Jan 2001 - It is with certainty I re-release the following predictions. To date, every piece has manifest. More of their messages shall be available soon.

A Partial List of the Predictions

My remarks are shown in blue

Predictions were given during a special meeting of The New Sciences Forum January 1, 1995 Volcanic and seismic activity will increase in the Ring of Fire. Watch the eruptions around Mexico City for a sign of things to come. A volcano near Seattle will become active after a series of earthquakes shake the western coast of the United States. The signs to occur before this comes to pass will be three separate occurrences. The first will be a major earthquake ( 8-10 in magnitude) in Japan followed by volcanic activity. Once this has occurred you should prepare for major activity in California and the western coastal region. The second event will be three separate earthquakes in the northwest and western coastal areas within a short amount of time after the one in Japan. Watch for earthquakes where there has not been activity (the middle parts of the United States, islands of the Atlantic and Northern Mexico) as a signal that the Earth is becoming active and aware The third event will be the eruption of three separate seemingly non-connected volcanoes. These events will be a sign to you that the time of great changes has arrived.

It was only days after this message was delivered to the New Sciences Forum, that the first quake hit Japan. Since that time there have been numerous events occur which were predicted. They told me earthquakes were going to occur in the areas northeast of the Rocky Mountains, around Montana and Wyoming. They also said a volcano would become active in the Atlantic Ocean. I thought this was a mistake or that I had misunderstood, so I omitted it from the original transcript. I shouldn't have. They also have said the Eastern coast of Northern South America will experience some kind of volcanic disaster. I am not clear as to what this will be. I can only presume that it might be connected in some way to the changing weather patterns and the influence the increased volcanic activity might have. But, maybe they are being literal. Could there be some unknown seismic activity be about to occur? (notes added Sept. 20, 1995) Added note... 5.5 earthquake in LA as I am writing this.

A volcano erupted on an island off the coast of northern South America two years after the prediction...Other volcanoes are becoming active around the world.

There will be major changes in the global weather patterns . The cause is relative to solar activity and shifts in the earths crust deep under the oceans. An increase and intensity in solar flare activity and the release of magma are causing the water and air temperatures to rise in areas that typically have been stable. These changes will continue and are indicators of the unsettled nature deep below the surface. Be advised this continues until the pressure is released through volcanism. Once the pressure is released, expect changes in the stability of the land masses nearest the oceans.

There was a major earthquake in Mexico City a few days ago (around Sept. 15, 1995) This happened about two weeks after France detonated a nuclear device under the ocean in the South Pacific. I feel that there might be a connection and wonder what effect this will have on the volcanic eruptions already occurring in the South Pacific Basin. These eruptions are the ones primarily responsible for the "El Nino Effect" that has drastically changed the weather patterns of the world. (note added Sept.20, 1995... Jerry)


Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - The Sun, Cause Of Weather Phenomenon

Date: Thursday, 22 July 1999 07:39:07 -0700

From: Mitch Battros 07/22/99 by Mitch Battros

(ECTV) NASA has just confirmed what I have been saying for over three years. The origin of our weather phenomena is caused by our own Sun. This information flies in the face of environmentalist who believe we (humans), are the largest source of the change in Earths weather. Their suggestions have remained constant, stating it is "fossil fuels and other pollutants caused by man" is the basis of our problems today. Science indicates otherwise. My research suggests the earth would experience the escalated weather phenomenon if there were No Humans On Earth Today. It is the SUN cycles. However, having said this, I would suggest humans do contribute to the "Records" we see today. My best guess would be around 17%. Dr. David Hathaway of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center states " explosions from the sun travel through space and hit the Earth, causing the magnetic field to wobble and shake,". This latest NASA report also confirms my research which suggest it is the Sun's effect on Earth's Magnetic Field which in turn, effects our jet streams and weather patterns. Also, there are some researchers who state the Magnetic Shift actually has a centrifugal force effect on the core of the Earth, causing the waters to warm. This phenomenon would also cause the sharp increase in volcanic activity and even earthquakes. Seasons of the Sun...07/22/99 (NASA) Most people think of the sun as a featureless, unchanging ball of light. But the Sun actually has seasons, or cycles of activity and relative inactivity. Right now, we are approaching the maximum activity phase of the current solar cycle.

The Sun is daily exhibiting hundreds of sunspots, as well as many flares and coronal mass ejections. We feel the effects of an active Sun here on Earth - radio communications, power distribution, orbiting spacecraft and even the weather are all affected. Sunspots are relatively cool areas on the Sun that appear as dark blotches. Scientists count the number of sunspots to measure the intensity of a solar cycle, and to determine how long the cycle lasts. If scientists were able to predict sunspot activity, not only would we know ahead of time what the Sun will do, but we might gain a better understanding of how the Sun operates.

Mitch Battros Producer - Earth Changes TV

Credit Cards become the accepted form of currency. Beware of this. This is a mechanism used to control the flow of currency and the ability of keeping everyone (within this system) in control. The stock market will pass two thousand and continue to climb several times before suddenly dropping to a much lower figure affecting the stability of the dollar in world markets. To restore economic balance and to relieve the budget, a new form of currency will be introduced. This money will have something within its construction allowing interested parties to monitor where it goes and how it is spent. The Mexican economy will suffer badly and measures will be taken to support it from the outside. These measures will be limitedly successful. Because of heavy losses in the United States in the economy, due to the failure of currency and losses due to natural disasters, many insurance companies and universities will be forced out of business. Some large corporations will foresee the approaching trends and chose to merge. When you see this, it should act as a forecast of struggle ahead.

There are and have been experiments to alter the human nature of fetuses. These experiments resulted in new species of human life engineered to exist within the habitats of other earth like worlds. These people modify human life from this world, using them for the purposes of carrying out projects on other worlds requiring the intelligence and strength humans posses. This use of humans is currently underway. None of the re engineered human species are aware there is life on this world or any other. Those who are their masters are considered their gods. This is not new to earth.

I continue to receive calls from individuals who report missing time and mysterious pregnancies that "were there, then disappeared suddenly". All of these people claim abduction by "The Greys" or other unfriendly ET's. Is it possible their stories have a correlation to the given information?

I have a friend who claims to have seen her child after having been taken aboard a "ship" and another friend (a man) who knows he was used for breeding purposes. If this is true, concerning the use of an altered human species to work on another world, then several issues come to mind.

The most important is, how much longer will we allow them to use us... And what if we could contact the offspring of ourselves on this distant world. Would we want to let them know the truth? How would they perceive us? Could this be why the ET's (who look like us) are here now!?

Actually, I do know the truth about this. I am asking this question to you the reader, to cause you to think about this aspect of the abduction phenomena. I know human life was created here to create a worker, by the same beings who use it now.

Experiments will continue on the general public to test several types of new chemical, biological and electromagnetic agents. Long term testing has been occurring for some time on the population of most urban and metropolitan areas. These tests are sanctioned by your world governments. Be aware of the addatives in your foods and water supplies. Substances are being introduced to keep you asleep and shorten your life span.

These tests are a matter of public record and are accessible in the congressional record.. I know this is true because I have seen the entries in the record.

Look up Sodium Fluoride in the search engines!

  • Update: March 20, 2000 - The Millennium Project

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release


Upcoming Feature Presentation In Vancouver On April 8 Award-winning investigative journalist William Thomas will present alarming and provocative findings from his eight-year investigation into the current pandemic of autoimmune and related ailments in a feature presentation entitled 'What's Wrong with Our Skies?' at the Pacific Space Centre / H. R. MacMillan Planetarium, on April 8 in Vancouver, BC. In his presentation, Thomas will reveal how millions of Canadian, American and British citizens have been subjected to "open air" biowarfare experiments without their knowledge or consent.

He will show recent photographs and videos of unmarked tanker-type aircraft flying in formation spraying "chemtrail" plumes in complex 'X and grid patterns' in the skies over many Canadian, American and European cities and towns. More biowarfare experimentation? Covert inoculations against terrorist attack? Desperate attempts at atmospheric remediation? Assigned to this story by the Environmental News Service in January, 1999, Thomas will present the interim results of his ongoing investigation into this aerial phenomenon widely reported over BC, Ontario and many other regions in Canada, the US and Europe since the fall of 1998.

Referencing two US congressional investigations, as well as recently released British Ministry of Defense documents, Thomas contends that many cases of "influenza-like illness", pneumonia and related symptoms recorded at epidemic levels across much of North America and England over the past two years are not the "flu". Instead, the BC-based journalist will present evidence showing that many emergency room patients suddenly stricken by acute upper-respiratory distress and / or related heart disease and autoimmune breakdown have likely been infected by manmade pathogens created in bioweapons laboratories.

Calling himself "a reluctant expert" in environmental and biological warfare, the author of the extensively documented books SCORCHED EARTH and BRINGING THE WAR HOME was the first Canadian journalist to break the story of Gulf War Illness after his own health was ravaged in Kuwait, where he served as a member of a three-man environmental emergency response team immediately following liberation.

Thomas will trace the sudden emergence of "stealth viruses", prion diseases, and autoimmune ailments following decades of biowarfare experimentation rivaling the atom bomb's "Manhattan Project". His work draws on the writings of Ontario author Donald Scott, world-renowned molecular biologist Dr. Garth Nicolson and researcher Dr. Len Horrowitz - as well as lab tests of material recently sprayed from aircraft over Ontario and the US.

William Thomas will be available for interviews after March 22, following speaking engagements in Toronto. Extensive information resources and material are also available from The Millennium Project.



THE MILLENNIUM PROJECT Tel / Fax (Office): 604.731.8522 Tel (Cell): 604.727.1454

E-Mail: Web:

Be warned, during a time of crises visitors will offer an opportunity [for you to be] taken off this world. Those who make this offer do not have your best interests in mind. Be advised if you leave it is at great risk. Once you leave there is no way to assist you.

This is currently happening in the mountains of Brasil near Sao Paulo...

A chamber will be discovered at the feet of the Sphinx. Within this chamber are records left by the builders. This information will detail how visitors from another star system visited this world, helping with the social growth of ancient cultures. These records describe events up to the present and beyond. This is one of the repositories of the history of this world. Be advised, the information may never be released because of the threat to those who control and maintain power. There are those who would not have this information available to the masses due to its extraordinary origins and the depth of information which illustrates the truth behind this worlds religious structure.

Update: March 2000 - This chamber has been discovered and is being kept sealed by the Egyptian government.

The next piece of information was also given by Edgar Cayce...

Expect a magnetic shift after the year 2011.

Several come forward to help lead the way out of the darkness. For some, their reward is death unless they take precautions. Those who control this world want no competition.

I think that it should be noted these predictions are conditions likely to occur unless decisive measures are taken immediately. I believe we are at a crossroads in our existence. If we do nothing, we will be left to those forces who rule the course of events when awareness and consciousness are neglected. In other words, we must take responsibility for the future and direct our desires forward in order to help create a positive future.

I believe the people I have been in contact with are our relitives from a distant place our ancestors came from. I feel they want us to rejoin our extended family, that once again we might all be able to look into the starry night and not be left feeling alone in the vastness of the universe.

We need to continue our progress toward a better understanding of what consciousness is. This is vital if we collectivly and individually are to realize our potential, and our place in the unfolding scheme of things... Unfortunately, it seems we haven't much time. (note added Sept. 21, 1995)

The previous information was supplied through direct contact with extraterrestrials from The Society and through the use of telepathy or in person, while in the presence of one or more craft (in most cases witnesses were present). These messages were received during the months of August, September and December 1994, while traveling through Peru.

The information was frequently shared as a common message to everyone present. The extraterrestrials came to us after attempts to contact them was made. Occasionally, it would be hours and sometimes days before the actual event of contact. I now live in Peru to further this connection. Additions are made after contact.