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Adventures for the Body, Mind and Spirit!
(Karinya is an Australian/New Zealand Aborigine word
meaning House or Place of Peace)

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In Karinya you will find lots of information regarding many subjects of Body, Mind and Spirit. You may have questions or are searching for something - you may find the answers here.

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We Are NOT a Human Searching For a Spiritual Experience, We Are a Beautiful Spirit Immersed In a Human Experience!

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"I am the full expression of God's love.
Just as God is love, so am I. I am love."
Make sure you LOVE yourself completely and others too!
(From: The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World - a book by Carnelian Sage)

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Messages from Spirit Matthew - Updated!
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What's Coming From Councillor Asheoma Star Nations via Richard Boylan PhD
Price of gas to much? How about using plain water! Coming soon to the world!
The NEW Master MahaCohan Web site
Intentional style - NEW - Check it out - You'll love it!
Dr. Richard presser/Carolyn evers
The General Motor Diet (GM Diet)
2010 Enlightened Check this out - Interesting
The Galactic Federation Don't miss this - Contacts to happen very soon! - Be prepared!
Our ET Friends (NEW!)
LightQuest International
Spirituality This is one of the most beautiful sites we have ever seen.
Gordon Research Institute
Incredible site about getting your health back!

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The Nibiruan Council
Check this out - loads of information regarding our heritage and other universes.


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