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This is the NEW Karinya website - KARINYA UNIVERSE.

This new web site covers new items and events which are taking place outside (and on our planet Earth) by out-worlders' from other planets and universes.  These people are all friends of those on Earth - though many of us may have not met them face-to-face. 


There are over 300,000 space ships currently surrounding the planet from other planets in our solar system and other nearby systems not associated with Earth.  They are here because - we have been told - they will take all of us off the planet when the time comes for that to happen so planet Earth can go through its cleaning and rejuvenation which will cause probably many earthquakes, etc for planet Earth to do that in order to clean itself up.  The time it is expected we will be off Earth and on-board the various space craft is expected to be 14 - 21 days - then we will be returned to our homes.


The space ships we will be staying in - and receiving training sas to what is happening and why are of various sizes.  Some of them are very large - 200 miles long and 20 miles wide or more.  Huge ships to say the least!  It is expected to something very exciting for all of us - and good for us.  Some of this is covered below.




In various messages I have received from various non-earth-bound individuals (and those earth-bound) regarding what's to take place regarding earth and its' population, I have included brief descriptions of what I have received below.  You might like to keep a list of these and refer to them from time-to-time in order to keep up with what's happening and is expected to happen to us all.  In this note I will also attach various emails and other notices I have received from various sources (most of them from off-planet) so you will be able to actually view the sources and what is said and presented.

1.  Initial Activities.  It has been told that planet Earth (Gaia) is in such a bad physical condition that she will have to "remake" herself.  This is to take place with all of us Humans on the planet taken up by spaceships (from off-world friends) and each of us lodged on the spaceships (as they are called - instead of UFO's) by friendly off-worlders before this happens.  We will be lodged, fed properly and trained in what's happening to planet Earth.  This is to take about a week of Earth's time where planet Earth (who is alive like we each are alive but in a different fashion than as a Human) The reason we are to be taken off planet Earth is that many of the physical changes to Earth will be so profound that many if not all of earth will be shaken-up to where if we Humans were to remain on planet Earth we would probably not survive the changes she will be going through.

2.  We each will be fully trained in our normal language as to what's happening and some of the things we can do and what situations we will be in as far as the entire planet goes when we are returned to our homes on planet Earth.  These trainings are most important and will move you through what's called Ascension and the various levels of that.  Many of us have no idea as to what is happening - but this is to provide data from those off our world who have been through similar and are telling us what's happening.  We have many who want to see us move to the levels we should be at - but being  on Earth we have been for many ages held back by those who would want us as "slaves" - if I can use that word. They are called the Cabels.

3.  To me (and to many of us I am told) this is all very exciting and has to be done - and finally we are going to see various things occur - the first of course is after everything is in place by our off-world friends and things are in place on Earth, we will be taken off Earth to one of the more than 300,000 beamships (none of which are from our world) now circling our planet Earth.  These ships operate entirely on the energy they get from the Universe rather than from that based upon oil, electricity, etc - which will be no more.  Thus all our vehicles and other systems and devices will have a new source for their energies. 

It will be devices which can easily be hooked up to our vehicles as well as wherever there are electrical devices and systems including those in our homes, businesses, etc.- see photos below.  One of them is shown in the photo presented here.  This photo is on a beach in Oregon and the box could not even with huge modern equipment be dug out of the sand.  There is another smaller device about 12 inches in length, 3 inches in width on all sides which was shown with the main photo - (photo not available).  This latter device will be used to replace the current source (wires to the electric company) - use of electricity (as will the larger device).  (Photos shown below) No cost to us as the electricity will come from the Universe.


4.  Following is data from the many Out-Worlders who have resonated and directed their valuable discussions and data to us so we are to fully understand what is going on with our world.  The one shown below is one of the latest received by me (Larry Smith of www.karinya.com).  Make sure you read everything and send such data from within the www.karinya.com website to your family and friends - it could change their (and your) lives!

5.  A most important aspect of all the changes taking place to our world (and to each of us) is that of our individual consciousness and ability of each of us to fully open our minds, take in what we are reading, hearing and seeing what's going all of which whether we know it or not affects each one of us in ways we may not have experienced or understand before this.

A key is that we may not have been involved in these aspects before this - but now we are!  Which all is very good for us and what we really need to do for ourselves.  Everything is focused upon our individual selves and our consciousness - and it is all very good!

An Important E-Mail – That each should be aware of: NESARA


January 10 2016

"Is President Obama the person who will announce NESARA?"

W.J., The Netherlands  (Translated from Dutch)


(Picture of Ashtar)

Ashtar: "Yes, although there will be others on the stage with him.  He became President under NESARA law - the first to do so - and he is very much aware of its benefits for all the World.  But, the plan is for him to be its announcer, since it was written and passed to apply to the United States of America.  It will become the law Worldwide, and it will bring Divine Governance, Freedom, Peace and Abundance to all!"
"I would appreciate your advice on whether the fear of death, the aging process and the final death experience have been programmed into humans, eons ago."  P.G.

Ashtar: "Indeed, all of these are based in fear, and they have been most influential programs of the third dimension.  However, it is to appreciate that the aging and death of their physical bodies have made it possible for humans to return to continue living their experiences and learning their life's lessons - until now.  For it is that all the members of Humanity choosing and preparing to ascend will not be going through the process of dying their bodies.  Further, new technologies of healing and rejuvenation are already appearing, and they will be available to all who desire to utilize them!"


If you have a question for Ashtar, you can email it to him here: ashtarontheroad@aol.com
He will select one or two questions of general interest to answer in our emails - they will not be posted on our website, and they will not be answered privately. Please ask about ONE topic only!

Be sure to include at least your first and last initials, and the state or country where you live!!!



(May 28, 2008)


About a month and a half ago I posted a set of predictions/fore-warnings by Councilor Asheoma about what lies ahead for us. (The message was originally sent by my colleague, Wendi Powers.) Because some of these predictions are already coming true, I thought it timely to re-post an edited version of that message, highlighting Asheoma’s advisements. See below. (Councilor Asheoma is a member of the High Council of Star Nations. Formerly he served as a Watcher on Earth for Star Nations) - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Wendi: "In 1993, Asheoma spoke with me CLEARLY told me "When you [Wendi] are in your mid-thirties, in a little more than 10-year time frame, [i.e., circa 2008] Watchers are seeing the highest likelihood of a major depression that will be started by terrorism; (yes, the morning of 9/11 Asheoma knew fully the day was bad and he was praying and watching in a most somber way....)" "He first told me to get debt free so I would be able to worry less about myself, and be free to not have as great of an income without worry." "Asheoma also gave me some tips to share "when the time is right." That time has come.

                                       Councilor Asheoma's Five Advisements:

"1) Employment and the economy will collapse slowly and then with great force. Those who are full of ego will not know how to survive through this, and will turn on each other to survive and attempt to hold onto their current lifestyle. Do not get caught up in any of this. Trust Source and let go of pride. If the job is lost, do not let it darken your spirit and soul or make you mean to others. The poorness that will result will be mainly seen in poverty of the spirit of Humans. Always remember to stay in love regardless of your situation. This walk of love will be a light to the world and to those in pain. 

"2) Water and food will be hard to come by as the situation is made worse. If you walk in love on a daily basis with each step, Source will fill your belly and will keep you through the hardship. You might not get to enjoy your favorite meal for many months or even years at a time. You might need to eat rice or other food items which are considered to be inexpensive. Do not be proud. Thank Source for each bite of food starting now (when he told me) and you will be thankful still when this time has come. 

"3) Give from your heart to those who are in true need, but be wise. Many will try to abuse the resources of those who are kind in heart. Learn to be able to see when someone is just lazy and wants an easy out, or when someone is in true need. Give to those in need, and send love only to those who are lazy. This is right. 

"4) This time will cause people to have to learn how to interact with one another in honest ways. They will need to learn how to support each other in a close manner. The way they will survive will be the same way those I [Asheoma] watched and walked among for thousands of Earth years lived. They will take turns gathering food and water and will share with all members of their community. They will have to learn to have less in their own belly so the children of another family does not starve. This is vital. Without this change in action, those who act in self ego will die or kill off one another. 

"5) Humans will grow in this final stage of birth into their new world. They will not know it or see it at the time, but the result will be the transformation they desire." 

So, if we manage this Time of Transition already upon us, (the global food shortages have just erupted in the news, as Asheoma predicted), then we will by the very act of managing this ex-tended crisis in the light worker manner we have the potential to act as, we will simultaneously be re-casting our society into the reformed and transformed global family culture which ancient indigenous prophecies called Fifth World in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, Councilor, President, Star Kids Project, Ltd

Email: drboylan@sbcglobal.net, Website: www.drboylan.com 
Diamond Springs, California 95619, USA

To get on my free reports/emails mailing list, send one email to: 
To join my on-line, interactive group of Star Seeds and light workers, send a subscribing email to:  UFOFacts-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


(The following are inputs which may be of interest!)

Love is most effectively dissolving all unloving intents.

November 15, 2015 by John Smallman

https://johnsmallman2.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/2015-11-15-jesus-audio-blog-for-sunday-november-15th.mp3 Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday November 15th

We are all one, there is no separation. In fact, separation is a state of confusion in which humans see themselves as lost, or abandoned by God, and that is terrifying for them because there is only God, Love, Source, and when It can no longer be felt or experienced terror results. To experience life, consciousness, as separated from the One – even though it is but a momentary idea or concept of a state that could never occur – causes a shutting down of awareness because, if it could occur, it would be a cessation of life, of existence. Within the illusion a false sense of life, a life that will end, has replaced awareness of Reality, and that is separation, but it is illusory.

So, to reconfirm most positively for you, there is only Reality, eternal existence in the Presence of God. It is inescapable and unavoidable because there is absolutely nowhere else. Yes, you have free will, and you can and do use your creative abilities to build enormously unsettling dreams to furnish the illusory environment that you invented and built. But the illusion is only present for you while you sleep, that is as you play the game of hiding from Reality in an apparent absence of Love. But you are enveloped in the divine field of Love in every moment of your existence, and even as you choose to believe in the illusion, thus maintaining it, you are never for even an instant separated from your Source.

You have given considerable power to your human or egoic minds, and you use your human brains, with their severely restricted abilities, to address the task of understanding and making sense of the illusion. It does seem that through the eons you have made considerable progress, as you compare tribal life from long ago with your advanced modern technological skills and abilities. But dreams are always dreams, ephemeral and short-lived, like civilizations that have come and gone before your own, some apparently leaving no discernible traces. However, they can seem extremely long-lasting.

Your present understanding is that your universe, which seems infinitely vast, has been in existence for approximately 13.7 billion years since it created itself out of nothing. And that seems like an extremely long time, but modern physics has now realized that the concept of time is illusory! 13.7 billion years is but the blink of an eye! But, when you are in pain or suffering, minutes can seem like eternity.

It really is time that you awakened. And you are in the process of doing just that. The man-made catastrophes that are causing so much damage and suffering all across the world are unacceptable to the vast majority of you, and the collective decision has been made to cease maintaining the illusion and to awaken into the eternal joy of Reality.

In the meantime, it does seem that things are getting far worse on the planet as modern technology enables you to do much more damage in a much shorter period of time; but it also allows you to become aware of what is occurring far more rapidly. Time is accelerating, and therefore the effects of both your activities and your intentions are delivered with increasing rapidity. On-line shopping is a demonstration of this, and you can no doubt infer from this what effect it is having in the armaments and intelligence industries!

However, do not alarm yourselves with thoughts of that nature because Love is most effectively dissolving all unloving intents and permeating the hearts of even the most damaged souls among you. To hold the intent to be loving in every moment is now, in this present age – the New Age – more powerful and effective than ever before, and because increasing numbers of you are daily setting that intention as you awake in the morning, the effects can be seen all across the planet.

Compassion is widespread as more and more people seek to assist those in need wherever they may be, it is like a healing balm that spreads comfort, peace, and unconditional acceptance to all – Love in fact. All are suffering, all are in need, from the most violently abused to the most violently abusive, because that is the nature of the illusion, and the Tsunami of Love recognizes this and is now calming and eliminating the waves of violence that have been endemic on Earth for so long.

Please do not focus too much of your attention on the news of disasters and calamities with which the main-stream media floods the airwaves. Instead seek the Good News. There is an enormous amount of it as the intensity of the Tsunami of Love sweeping across and enveloping the planet brings healing, forgiveness, and compassion in unprecedented abundance to all who open themselves to it. And the energy fields of those holding that intent are expanding as well, so that there is no one on Earth who remains unaffected by the Tsunami of Love, It is all-pervasive, It is instilled in every human heart and no human heart is capable of resisting It, denying It, or blocking It, because, of course, there is no separation!

You are on Earth at this moment to engage with Love and to share and extend Love unconditionally with everyone with whom you interact in any way at all. You know this, and you are doing it magnificently. You are doing the work of awakening humanity because you chose to do so, and for that you are mightily honored. Keep up the good work, complete your assignments, and return to full consciousness, to full awareness of God, of Reality, and savor the joy that awaits your homecoming.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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