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This is the NEW Karinya website - KARINYA UNIVERSE.

This new web site covers new items and events which are taking place outside (and on our planet Earth) by out-worlders' from other planets and universes.  These people are all friends of those on Earth - though many of us may have not met them face-to-face.

There are over 300,000 space ships currently surrounding the planet from other planets in our solar system and other nearby systems not associated with Earth.  They are here because - we have been told - they will take all of us off the planet when the time comes for that to happen so planet Earth can go through its cleaning and rejuvenation which will cause probably many earthquakes, etc for planet Earth to do that in order to clean itself up.  The time it is expected we will be off Earth and on-board the various space craft is expected to be 14 - 21 days - then we will be returned to our homes.

The space ships we will be staying in - and receiving training sas to what is happening and why are of various sizes.  Some of them are very large - 200 miles long and 20 miles wide or more.  Huge ships to say the least!  It is expected to something very exciting for all of us - and good for us.  Some of this is covered below.


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