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No Allergies

Personal Information   Latest Update: (July 4, 2014)
(Detailed data is contained in the Ultra Section)

Arthur Laurence (Larry) Smith, Jr.
Address: 3619 E Verdin Rd., Phoenix, Arizona, 85044 USA
Home Phone: 480 789-0546 USA
Cell Phone: 480 789-0546 USA
Fax: (None)
Email address: larry@larrysmithconsulting.com and larry@emrstick.com
Armed Services Veteran: Yes 1954-1956 (US Navy - Korean War - Guam, MI - Offical Base Photographer/Exec. Off. Admin -)
Gender: Male, Human, Caucasian, Planet Earth
Birth Date: August 6, 1931 7AM, Pasadena, California USA
Current Age: 82
Weight: - 158 lbs (7-30-2014)
Current Marital Status: Married (Second marriage), Children: Three (3) (On their own)
Occupation: Founder/CEO/President Medstick Corporation USA - Designer/Developer of EMRStick Systems
and LSA International Consulting, Marketing, Sales of advanced HIS Systems Internationally, Lecturer, Book Author
(HIS books) Titles: Integrated HIS 1) Hospital Based Systems, 2) How To Re-Engineer Installed Systems, 3) Vendor Evaluation & Selection Guide, 4) Clinic & Group Based Practices, 5) Physician Based Information Systems, 6) Healthcare Information Systems
Organ Donor: No
Blood Type: A+

Blood Pressure (See chart included in Ultra section)
Smoker or tobacco user: No
Diabetes: No
Am I taking medications that supress my immune system: No
Native Language: English, Country of Birth: USA
Other Languages spoken: Some French
Insurance coverage: VA (Veterans Administration), Medicare - Part A
Preferred Hospital: VA - (Or close to wherever I am at the time of need)
Preferred Pharmacy: VA (Alternate Pharmacy: Closest to wherever I am at the time of need)
Medicare Plan: Hospital (Part A) Benefits only - Medicare Claim Number: 571-34-3345-A
Legal Documents: Revocable Living Trust, Durable Power of Attornry for Healthcare, Last Will & Testament, Durable Power of Attorney - Management
MRI < Insurance coverage: Humana, Medicare and VA

A. Laurence
(Larry) Smith, Jr.
EMRStick Holder

Mother’s Maiden Name: Anne Thompson, Are you Spanish, Hispanic or Latino? ( ) Yes (X) No
What is your race? ( ) American Indian or Alaska Native ( ) Black or African American ( ) Asian (X) White ( ) Native American or other Pacific Islander
Current Marital Status: (X) Married ( ) Never Married ( ) Separated ( ) Widowed ( ) Divorced
I am enrolling to obtain Minimum Essential Coverage under the Affordable Care Act ( ) Yes (X) No
Which VA Medical Center or Outpatient Clinic do you prefer? Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center (644)
Currently Retired: (X) No, ( ) Yes Date of Retirement: _________________
Most Significant Duty Assignment: Guam MI - Admin to Naval Base Executive Officer and Official Naval Photographer
Department: -- (X ) U.S. Navy ( ) Marines ( ) Army ( ) Air Force Other: NA
Grade, Rate, Rank: SN 1St -- Date of Entry into Active Service: Dec 10, 1952
Service Number: -- 383 90 17 -- Specialty Number or Symbol: 0015
Component and Branch or Class: -- ( ) USN (X) USNR ( ) Army ( ) Air Force ( ) Marines ( ) Other NA
Area Command: -- COM 11 San Diego, CA -- Selective Service No.: NA
Enlisted or Transferred to a Reserve Component (Date): -- Yes - USNR Dec. 1952 San Diego, CA
Local Selective Service Board No.: -- NA
Entry Other Than By Induction: -- ( ) Enlisted ( ) Reenlisted ( ) Commissioned (X ) Called from Inactive Duty
Rate of Rank at Time of Entry: Seaman 1St
Most Significant Duty Assignment: National Defense, Exec Officer Admin and Base Photographer
Wounds Received re Action with Enemy Forces: (Place and Date): None
Are you a purple heart Award Recipient? ( ) Yes (X) No Are you a former prisoner of war? ( ) Yes (X) No
Did you serve in a combat theater of war after 1998? ( ) Yes (X) No
Were you discharged or retired from military for a disability incurred in the line of duty? ( ) Yes (X) No
Did you serve in SW Asia during the Gulf War August 2, 1990 and November 11, 1998? ( ) Yes (X) No
Did you serve in Vietnam between Jan. 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975? ( ) Yes (X) No
Were you exposed to radiation while in the military? ( ) Yes (X) No
Did you receive nose and throat radium treatments while in the military? ( ) Yes (X) No
Eligible for Medicade? ( ) Yes (X) No
Spouse’s Name: Elvire H. Smith
Spouse’s SSA#: 610-78-7016, Spouse’s birth date: Nov. 11, 1949
If spouse/children did not live with you last year did you provide support? ( No - Children are on their own)
Other Medical Concerns: None
Service Schools/Colleges/Training Courses Completed (Include dates and Major Courses): (See CV)
Courses Successfully Completed: BS, MS (University of Southern California)
Home Address at time of activation to active duty: -- 1467 Roscomare Rd., Los Angeles, CA USA
Senior Officer Reporting To: -- Executive Officer - Guam MI (Naval Base on Southern section of the island
Reason and Authority for Separation: -- BPM H1704 & BUPES INST 1910.58 (End of duty - war over)
Place of Separation: -- San Francisco, CA USA
Effective Date of Separation: -- Day: 23 Month: Sept Year: 1954
Type of Separation: Honorable RAD - (Recommended for reenlistment)
Foreign and/or Sea/Air Service: -- 6 Years 1 Month 7 Days
Other Medical Concerns: -- None
Service Schools/Colleges/Training Courses Completed (Include dates and Major Courses): -- NA
Reserve training in USN San Diego CA before assignment to US NAVSTA Guam MI
Other Courses Successfully Completed: -- College Graduate (University of So. California BS Business and Masters Study)
Decorations, Medals, Badges, Commendations, Citations, Etc Awarded or Authorized: -- National Defense
Assignments or Duties: -- Admin to Base Executive Officer and Base Photographer -- Guam MI

Publications - Larry Smith
Integrated Healthcare Information Systems
These enable one to easily implement HIS to suit their personal and patient needs.
All books are also available in eBook form - Cost: $15.00 USD each + S&H
To order: larrysphx@gmail.com - specify the books you want to order and in which languages.

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Medical Conditions
Since 2011
Slight skin Cancer - Nose and possible internals - draw cells from around nose via one-time minimal surgery - Completed 2011
Draw out possible internal cancer cells (Prostate) via special salve from Dirk McDaniels ND - no surgery required! - Completed 2011

Psychiatric/Behavorial/Depression Concerns

Bleeding Problems - None, Cardiovascular - Normal, Musculiovascular - Normal, Ear/Nose/Throat/Eyes - Normal (wears glasses partime - not for driving), Gastrotestinal - Normal, Endocrine - Normal, Neurological - Normal, Respiriatory - Normal, Psychiatric/Behavorial/Depression - No concerns, Infections - None

Health History (General)

Bleeding Problems - None, Cardiovascular - Normal, Musculiovascular - Normal, Ear/Nose/Throat/Eyes - Normal (wears glasses partime - not for driving), Gastrotestinal - Normal, Endocrine - Normal, Neurological - Normal, Respiriatory - Normal, Psychiatric/Behavorial/Depression - No concerns, Infections - None

Current Health Concerns
(Links show a few of the many capabilities of the EMRStick - No Internet Required - click on links for details)
 June 2009
  Audio Test June 2009
 July 2009
 Urology Images 07-08-09
 June 2011
 Dental Charts March 2009
 Vision Test 8-03-2009
X-Ray Example (Demo)
August 2008
Hemotologist Report
  More X-Ray Examples (Demo)
 Dental Charts
  Cell Phone Application (Preview)
 Foot X-Ray (Demo)
  Brain Scan(Demo)
UltraSound Image Viewer
Ultra Sound Images
 EKG 2012
Lab Scan
  Veterans Admin Visit Notes 1st visit
VA Consultation and Progress Sheets 2-17-2012
VA Healthe Vet on-line File
VA Eye Clinic 5-18-2012
My HealtheVET Report 5-2-2013
VA - Ear Wax and Big Left Toe 7-10-2012

 OAE Test - Ears
VA Chemistry Tests 14 Apr 2014 - 22 Nov 1007 ___________________________
PSA 1-6-2010
 Vision Test RX
 EKG 2012
 Lab Report - Nose
  Oncologist Report 11-18-2009
 Blood Pressure Readings (Latest)
 Prostrate Biospy 2009
  X-Ray Man with Abdominal and Back Pain (Demo)
Woman with Abdominal and Flank Pain (Demo)
 Man with Hemoptysis (Demo)
Man with Abdominal Distension (Demo)
 Hospital Admissions (None)
 MOHS PS Nose Surgery 1-29-2013
Lab Report - Nose
 VA Medications Summary (5-23-2014)
  Oncologist Report 11-18-2009
chirurgia del naso 1-2013

Photos of cancer removal by salve
 VA Chemistry/Hematology Summary
  Latest VA Medicals

Current Medications
(Only Vitamins/Supplements and Prostate Drops are being taken)
 Dose, Frequency
Form/Stop Date
 Dose, Frequency
Form/Stop Date
 Melaleuca Vitamins
Since 5/2003
Vitality - Oligo, Vitality
Calcium, Vitamin C 1000mg
 Vitamins and Supplements Variety each day AM/PM
 Herbal Prostate Combo
 (Not taking)
 Prostate Drops (Taking)
 3 times Daily AM/Noon/PM
1/3 dropper
 Seleno Excell
 (Not taking)
 Saw Palmento Combo
 (Not taking)
 Zinc (Gluconate)
 (Not taking)
  AgeLOC Vitality Blend
 2 tablets twice per day
(Not taking)
 Simetrhicone 80 mg
 Four times a day for internal gas

Preferred Pharmacies
 Pharmacy Name
 Address, City, State, Country
 Telephone Number
 Other Relevant Data
 VA Hospital Phoenix, AZ
 Call Spouse (Elvire) (480) 899-4474 USA

Allergies to Medicine and Other Allergies
(Includes ICD-10 Classification)

Medical History
(Including hospitalizations and frequent procedures)
(Include ICD-10 Classification)

Hospital Facility/Condition/Procedure
Hospital Facility/Condition/Procedure

Most Frequent Procedures

Surgical History
(Includes ICD-10 Classification)
June 2003
Double Inguinal Hernia - Repaired
Tonsils Removed
 Skin cancer very small spot
Left ear inside - Removed
 Skin cancer very small spot
Left side of nose - Removed
 Hospital Admissions (None)
 Top of nose - small spot removed

Neurological Diseases

Dental History
(Includes ICD-10 Classification)
June 2010
Full Dentures
Previous Charts 2009
Dental Charts

Health & Fitness
 Name of Program
 Location of Program
 Distance fast Walking and Jogging
 Daily (AM and PM)
 Near home - 1/2-1 mile or more
plus at Arizona Mills (3 miles fast walk)
 Focus T25 System
 At home

Personal Physician(s) - and other providers
(*These each have ID/Password for Ultra EMRStick section)

 Office Telephone (Contact)
 Dr. Walter and Louise Gutowski Chiropractic Physician and Dr. Louise Gutowski - Naturopathic Physician*
Applied Kinesology, Family Practice
480 315 6500
480 205 8020 (Cell Phone) USA
 Veterans Administration - Phoenix VA Health Care System
Suzanne C. Bennick NP, Starla R. Baron RN, BSN, Eva Miller NP  
602 277-5551 X-6508 USA
 Dr. Decker Weiss NMD,   Naturopathic Medicine
480 515-3600 USA
 Paul English MD & Ray Johnson MD Board Certified Dermatologists
 480 706-6580 USA
 LA Fitness - Chandler - (Daily fitness workout)
 480 496-8805 USA
 James R. Siefer, DO PLC Urology
 480 963-2026 USA
 Madhuri Kadiyala, M.D. Hematology/Orcology
 480 857-2510 USA
 David Chiang, DDS & David Fishman, CPD, Mesa Arizona, USA
 480 396-9900 USA
 Dr. James R. Nichols, MD Ahwatukee Family Practice
 480 759 5151 USA
 Joel Dirk McDaniels, ND Specialist
 719 276 1604 USA

Emergency Contacts
(*These have ID/Password for Ultra EMRStick section)

 Other Phone/Email
 Elvire Smith - Spouse*   480 899-4474 Arizona USA


 Kim Bartz, Daughter  530 887 8012 California USA


 Thompson D. Smith, Son  802 893 3038 Vermont USA


 Douglas Smith, Son  530 577 4344 California USA


 Peter Luke, Friend  011 61 7-5545-0147 Australia


 Trip McKinnon, Friend, Paramedic, Fireman   602 451-9516 Arizona USA


 Dr. Gutowski - Chiropractic Physician, COO Medstick Corp*  480 205 8020 Arizona USA




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